Thursday, July 31, 2014

Moving Is Easy Until You Have To Stop

One of the most liberating parts of being on tour with your band is the constant flow of movement from one city to another. You never fully digest a city's experience because in less than twelve hours after you've played a show, you need to leave. Sometimes driving straight through the night and the entire next day. This is the constant motion that creates the energy for a band to stay on tour.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Drink All of the Weird Coffees (The Van is Broken)

Three and a half inches of steel kept the front passenger side tire of Charlie’s Ford E-150 from falling off as we drove from Fort Worth to Austin. Because of an overly tightened bearing the rotor, spindle and a few other technical car terms that I’m not prepared to understand are completely shot. This is after a shop in Fort Worth had fixed our brake problem and told us that we were fine to drive, when clearly we were not. Along with considering ourselves lucky to be alive, we’re stuck in Austin until at least Friday for the parts that we need to be delivered.

Friday, July 11, 2014

My Gang Tattoo is Gone (We're Moving to Oakland)

Outside of my parent's home in Carmel is a 2004 grey four-door sedan that will carry myself, one passenger and the collective belongings of Male Bondage to Oakland, California, behind a van packed with gear and even more things. The back seat of my car is inaccessible. The trunk is crammed full and because of a broken latch it can't be opened until we're there. On top, weighing deep into the roof of my Malibu, is a turtle shell car top carrier filled with still more things.