Saturday, September 20, 2014


I've been sleeping in my own bed. After two months of touring and living on a floor, I have my own bedroom and bed. It's a queen size bed from IKEA, the cheapest possible combination of mattress, slats and bed frame possible. In three years I haven't had a bed larger than a twin and I'm a tall, big guy who can't sleep folded up.

Even with just my sleeping bag and an old air mattress in my bedroom I was sleeping more soundly. The first time that the three of us had a piece of a day together we went to the IKEA in Emeryville to buy beds. We'd researched online which combination of items would yield a decent bed without draining our wallets, however when we finally sliced our way through the crowds into the belly of the beast the plans were abandoned. The items we needed weren't available in store, or if they were they were priced differently and organized under different names. We made it out with three of the same bed setup.

It's like most things worth waiting for - the longer you go without things like ice cream, beds, cigarettes or Indian lunch buffet, the better they are. In the seven weeks of working thirty-five to forty hours a week we slept restlessly on tile floor. My legs began to feel like they would give each morning on my walk to work and my hope that we would be moving into this apartment faded each time I saw the repair guy working on our potential place.

I like to lead a fairly chaotic lifestyle. I can continue without sleep for weeks, jump around between projects and take little to no care of my own health, but at some point I will crash. After years of living this way I've learned to orchestrate controlled-crashes, like a controlled-burn to keep a forest safe from the larger disaster. Without my own space to read, write or even just rest and be alone, I was taking my body and mind to a breaking point. I need time and space to decompress and process my everyday.

This isn't to say that I don't appreciate the three amazing dudes who let us stink up their living room for longer than anybody could possibly tolerate. They're all great human beings that we'll be thanking for a long time.

Now that I have time to reflect on things I see that this was a success. I moved across the country with no real plan other than playing in a band that was bound to spread out along the western coast of the United States. Within a week I found a job and began the hellish process of getting into an apartment in the Bay Area. The last step is to replace the things that I left behind in Indianapolis or gave away, including books, friends and music toys.

Tonight we're going to have the first of many parties at our new place in Oakland. If I had to bet I'd say that there'll be plenty of cheap beer, Fleetwood Mac and jokes. The best things never change.

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