Monday, September 1, 2014

Starting Something New (Make A Thing)

After this past Summer tour and moving adventure Male Bondage was left scattered along the western coast of the U.S. Adam, our main vocalist and guitarist, moved with his twin brother Alex (former MB bassist) to Eugene, Oregon, while we (James, Charlie and I) moved to Oakland, California. This was semi-planned but it makes our ability to operate as a band tough.

As we were deconstructing our lives in Indianapolis and as we rebuild our lives out here we've been busy writing new material that doesn't fit within the Male Bondage moniker. There's no way that I could stand to stop making music with my friends so we've moved into a new project, in a different direction. The three of us in Oakland have a new band called Love Moon, named after the Male Bondage LP, and we play our first in-town show tomorrow night at The Nerd Castle.

When we decided to move West it wasn't with the intention of disbanding or continuing forward - it was simply what we all felt was necessary. As we continue to flesh out our lives in California and in Oregon we're going to continue creating things in the same ways that we were in the Midwest, but at a different pace and in another capacity. The practice space that we share with our friends has made band practice infinitely more convenient than ever before. Even though all working full-time or more we've got a million ideas and the resources to carry them all out here. 

This probably doesn't matter to you at all. People in bands remain people in bands for a period of time before eventually having kids, addiction issues or finding a nice job - possibly all three. This matters to me because I'm now writing lyrics and performing vocals as a front man for the first time. I'm reprogramming my brain to write lyrics and map out vocal phrasing so that I can play it live and while that's challenging, I feel myself growing in ways I couldn't before. And that's everything for me. 

I learned from someone important that none of it matters unless you can make a thing. I'm doing what I've learned and I'm going to fail at putting songs together until I fail in ways that only I can recognize. We've made a thing: four songs that will be released as a 7'' by Drink Or Die Records and a cassette by Headdress Records, recorded by Carl Byers of Coffinworm, Kvlthammer and Clandestine Arts Recording. The new stuff is definitely heavy, stacked amps, riff-driven punk, but I think that this project is a little faster and more psychedelic than our previous one.

Love Moon is going to be our full-time thing while Male Bondage takes a back seat, at least for now. In 2014 alone I've been part of three releases now, including Wounded Knee's split 7'' with Monoliths, Lantern Eyes' recordings (still not totally finished) and these Love Moon tracks (release TBA). I've never been happier or more satisfied with being a dude in a band. 

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