Sunday, October 19, 2014

There's more than corn in California

A few things happened on our end in Oakland this past weekend: we welcomed James' cat Lola into our apartment and put two songs from our new project LOVE MOON into the cosmos via our profile. It's not an enormous change from the ordinary but there's a real shift in reality when the thing that you've been working on and talking about for so long makes the jump from concept to tangible product.

We started this band because the three of us were stuck without an Adam Jones in Indianapolis when he and his good-for-nothing twin brother left to farm throughout the west coast in May. In a basement on the south side of Indianapolis we got together as much as possible and cranked out four songs in just a couple weeks, then worked to polish them. I had bowed out of my place in Wounded Knee but was still playing (and recording an EP) with Lantern Eyes, but still we made time to carve out a new project for ourselves because it felt like something we had to do.

These songs are transplants to the west coast just like us. We began the recording process with Carl Byers of Clandestine Arts Recording, a phenomenal engineer, producer and musician. He recorded James' drums and my bass, giving the songs the structure we'd need to finish guitars and vocals on our own here in Oakland, using our practice space as a studio. This gives the tracks a particularly special feeling - they moved with us and grew in the same ways that we continue to in this new and exciting place.

In addition to a slightly different aesthetic and sound, this is the first project for which I've been solely in charge of vocals. In Wounded Knee I just sort of yelled things without a mic whenever I felt and in Male Bondage I was used to following Adam's lead lyrically and stylistically. Being a vocalist has been an idea in the back of my head for some time though, although playing guitar or bass feels more natural. As we were writing the music I tried not to force any thoughts about lyrics or vocal melody and as we were recording the vocals I tried my best to keep things simple and honest. I feel more confident in my abilities now and as we start to book more shows in our new home I'm certain that practical experience will only strengthen my instincts.

Please check these songs out if you haven't. We're going to have them put out on a cassette from Headdress Records in Indianapolis and are developing plans for some sort of vinyl release. They're us and they're headed in a new direction. We've got shirts on the way from Pity Party in Seattle and buttons and stickers as well. Everything is snowballing into a new machine that we'll use to tour incessantly and continue making the loudest, weirdest rock that we can. Thanks for paying attention.

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