Sunday, March 27, 2016

A Year Without Seth

A year ago, I woke up on the floor of my friend Brian's house in Fullerton, California. The sun was already out, shining through the living room window and bouncing off of the various bottles and cans of beer around the room. The furniture was old, almost antique, and the pastel colors on the walls of the house made the morning feel extra lazy as I walked to get water from the kitchen. Our gear was still set up in the other room – we'd gone straight from playing to partying. C'est la vie. This was the first time that Love Moon had played outside of the Bay Area, the first trip that we'd taken to play music without Adam. We'd played at a bar in L.A. the night before, but this house show had definitely been more fitting for us. 

I reached for my phone under the couch that Charles was asleep on. One missed call and a text from Tyler, “Seth passed away. Call me when you're up.” Even though I'd known that this was coming it knocked me over. Seth was gone. I laid on the floor for a long time trying not to think. No one else was awake.